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Our R2S-team of experienced specialists collects your used plastic products, sort, mills and stores them to eventually create new, high-quality products for you.

This is the ‘so-called’ principle of horizontal recycling; a 100% circular process to transform used plastics into new R2S-certified products.

Our Method

R2S Process_01.Collect

Step1: Collect

R2S takes care of your used plastic materials, sorted by product data sheet. 100% circular according to a ‘horizontal recycling’ procedure.

We collect the materials at central points and transport these per full truck load to our milling stations that are located at geographically smart, easily accessible places in the Netherlands.

Step2: Milling

Upon arrival of your used plastic products at the

milling facilities, which operate on low CO₂ emissions, everything is carefully checked before entering our recycling process.

The entire batch is filtered to remove any bits of metal and/or other material that accidentally ended up in between. We then process the remaining pure and clear parts into approved R2S-Virgin plastic granules with a diameter of 8mm.

R2S Process_02.Milling
R2S Process_03 Storage



Step3: Storage

You don’t have to come up with a new creative use for your plastic granules immediately. Sometimes new ideas need some time.

We are happy to offer the opportunity to store your R2S-Virgin material safely and responsibly for you. They are specially conditioned and stored in such a way that
we are able to produce new plastic items for you at any time.

‘Used to create new and achieve 100% circularity’

Step4: Design

R2S has an experienced team of engineers who create professional designs and discuss the pros and cons of each possible proposal with you, enabling you to make a well-considered choice. Our team thinks and operates from a sustainable and circular way of thinking, always trying to achieve the highest possible sustainable and circular designs. For example, mono materials, clicking systems instead of bolted joints, no assemblies etc.
R2S Process_04.Design
R2S Process_05.InjectionMoulding

Step5: Moulding

In close collaboration with our partners in sustainability, we are able to offer you round-the-clock injection moulding capabilities and transform your R2S-Virgin materials into high-quality products.
Despite our moulding machines weighing from 25 up to 700 tons, they operate soley on green energy.
Our team designs and builds all tooling and applications themselves, in a highly efficient way with very short lead time. Click here to view a video about how a mould is made.

Step6: Certify

Your new R2S products are certified and carry the R2S logo. Our certification is a guarantee for 100% circularity!

A statement on which we are fully transparent.

Our customers receive a calculation of all CO₂ that was saved during the whole process.

Click here to read a case about the renewal of a party of old modems. To pick up and deliver your products in an efficient and sustainable way, we work with easy and reusable package solutions.

R2S process cycle_06.Certified
R2S process cycle_07.CO2Neutral

Step7: Climate Neutral

Despite being 100% circular and using green energy only, a minimum carbon emission is still inevitable. R2S is working closely together with ‘Lokaal Neutraal’ to neutralise the remaining CO₂. Lokaal Neutraal offers its business partners the possibility to buy a share that adds value to the neutralisation of CO₂ locally, in the Netherlands.
Their mission statement:
neutralise CO₂ locally to combat climate change. This is done by upgrading the Dutch forest lands with the planting of new greenery, in order to compensate a maximum amount of CO₂.
Like to read more? Click here to visit the website of Lokaal Neutraal (at the moment only available in Dutch language).

All together, these efforts complete the R2S recycling cycle ensuring a maximum environmental benefit and a serious contribution to the reduction of global warming.

To secure our customer promise for the future, we commit to 3 strong company values:

1. We are 100% circular, working entirely ‘closed-loop’ to reproduce old plastics into high-quality products. 

2. We make your CO2 reduction transparent; our advanced calculator map tells you exactly how much CO2 you save.

3. We aim to produce in a 100% climate neutral way and we like to have likewise partnerships. Only then, we can contribute to a more sustainable and greener world.or more information or if you like to get in contact with one of our sustainability specialists, click here to fill in the form.

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